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Europe's Wishes Came True

Truckman Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 2:04 PM
"The Hawaiian-born and Indonesia-raised president" Where did he get this from? The President of Kenya has proclaimed publicly that Obama was BORN IN KENYA,and reportedly has documentation proving it. I know,I know,"He's the President-let it go." Well,he's NOT MY president-he's an imposter with proof on more than ONE front that he's not,nor was he EVER,eligible to occupy the White House. If something THIS important can be "overlooked",how can we fault him for ANY of the huge list of his lies and deception?
pow1000 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 5:23 PM
It goes right along with Hillarys' "What difference does it make?"
Thats the attitude in Washington about everything, "Hey so what, what difference does it make?"
"I have better things to do than go on TV Sunday Morning", another wonderful quote from Hillary, after she couldnt even go on TV about Benghazi but sent Rice with talking points.

Almost a decade ago, Europeans and many progressive Americans were lamenting how the United States was going to miss out on the 21st-century paradigm symbolized by the robust European Union. Neanderthal Americans were importing ever more oil while waging a costly "war on terror" and fighting two conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our budget deficit in 2003 hit $374 billion.

The EU avoided foreign conflicts and embraced soft power. Its declining military budgets and centralized transnational government ensured that it could address global warming and fund ever-expanding entitlements. Even the poorer Mediterranean nations reached new heights of prosperity. The Greek economy...