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You sure have THAT right! And though they won't say so they're hard at work on the FIRST Amendment too. Referencing Moo's trip to China to preach about the wonders of the right to free speech,on a trip where the Press was not allowed. In SOME civilized societies,that would be considered a violation of the First Amendment.
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Dear Ann...

Truckman Wrote: Nov 23, 2013 5:03 PM
There's a cure for that. With today's tech capabilities,there's no longer a need for repeated appeals etc. It's less and less likely a man goes to Prison innocent. (Though it's said that,in Prison, EVERY man is innocent-they just had a problem PROVING it.) There's the Hearing where the criminal gets the death sentence,then ONE appeal,just in case evidence was missed,a witness turns up or something relevant didn't get covered. If THAT fails the clear the criminal,he gets his last meal,then a visit from his chosen religions representative to get right with his God,then straight to the electric chair,gas chamber,hangmans gallows,whatever the chosen means is. Problem Solved. And before you criticize my line of thought,if I ended up in Prison,it'd be damned likely it was because I committed a serious crime,or,in the very unlikely case I didn't,because I was close enough to have been able to,and I'd have to man up and face my fate. If you don't wanna take that chance,live a good life,keep a clear conscience and do good when you can. Stay away from the life that tends to get people imprisoned.
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Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham Obama

Truckman Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 4:31 PM
I agree 100%!
A lot of people criticized him for his "declaring war on terrorism" after 9-11,but I think he really meant it at the time-any of us would likely have said the same thing,and like him,would have realized it would be a no-win situation. My only complaint is that he should have stepped up,and told America, "Look-I know what I said,and that was what America NEEDED to hear at the time. I'm not relaxing my commitment to make those who did this pay,but I'm narrowing the scope to a manageable level." Then he should have scaled back the "media-visible" efforts. He DID miss the gate on that. I'm sure I'll now hear from all the flakes who believe he caused the towers to fall from internal damage,but I just don't buy it. Watch a demo company ready a building even a quarter that size for demolition,and explain to me how they could do more than four times as much prep work with hundreds of thousands of people walking through their set up,without anyone noticing,and knowing,what they were doing.
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Feds Consider More Gun Control

Truckman Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 9:36 PM
OF COURSE they do. Allowing the responsible law abiding GUN OWNERS to have GUNS would be SO DANGEROUS to the CRIMINALS with the ILLEGAL GUNS!!! And we all know,the Oblamo Badministration DOESN'T want to cause the Criminal Element to suffer any infringements on their lifestyles of Robbery,drive-by shootings,or Mass Killing of innocent victims! Next thing you know,they'll be asked to eliminate "GUN FREE ZONES", also known as Mass Killer Shooting Galleries.Obama HAS to protect his usually-silent Voting Base.
BTW-if the law was sunsetted when the child is abducted,it would become STATE laws that would take the lead.
There's some benefit to 7. If ALL bills signed into law had a 2 year sunset,at which time they could either expire and revert or the effects could be evaluated and if the effects were as desired,the law could be voted permanent. If the law didn't have the desired effects or caused unintended consequences,it could be pulled for a re-draft and re-considered,to undergo another 2 year sunset. End result would be that Congress would have to re-visit every law they enacted after 2 years,and see what it actually did to,or for,the Country,and FIX it if it wasn't doing the job it was intended to do. I like that one.
I agree,but you'll notice during times when the Conservatives were in power,the Democrats were saying the exact same things about OUR Representatives. The big difference will be that even when we're in power,Reid,Obama.Pelosi,Killary,Eric Holder,Feinstein and many others STILL need to be removed. I'd prefer they get prosecuted for Crimes against The Country,against the US CONSTITUTION,and in some cases,Crimes against Humanity. Their blatant disregard of People's Rights should NEVER go unpunished.
Let's see how much he favors eliminating the Fillibuster when HIS party becomes the MINORITY party in the Senate in '14. Brace yourself Reid-THIS is REALLY gonna hurt.
The Prostitutes should demand Legislation from Congress for pay Equal to Congress.
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