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The Revenge of Murphy Brown

truckingal Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 10:49 AM
Charles Murray skirts the real issues in his book, "Coming Apart", likely because he just cant bring himself to overtly state the real problems emanating from his elite 'Belmont' residents. The 'intellectual elitists' realize that their utopian societal enclaves can be perpetuated only for the few just like them and their offspring, and that it requires a limited amount of people be allowed to inhabit that niche. About 80% of the population therefore has no place in their society. So, as they continually export their ideas of social justice and diversity to the masses, they work diligently to assure the future well-being of themselves and their offspring-through flooding into government jobs in both policy-making and social services-(cont)
Troglodite Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 12:43 PM
Angelo Codevilla's essay, "The American Ruling Class" or "America's Ruling Class," or something like that, ties in well with your observations. In the meantime, the masses are being bought off or distracted with welfare and "freedom below the belt."

In an otherwise routine speech in May, 1992, Vice-President Dan Quayle criticized Murphy Brown, the TV character played by Candice Bergen, for bearing an out-of-wedlock child, emphasizing that it “ignored the importance of fathers.” He was subsequently skewered by the elitists of the cultural left. How, they asked, could he make such a big deal about a fictional character? The culture warriors insisted that there was nothing wrong with a woman having a child that she would raise alone. Of course, the left always believed that Quayle was an idiot, so they abruptly dismissed his comments as idiotic. That lack of...