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For Whom the Pork Toils

truckingal Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 8:14 PM
Milt37: there's a flaw in your reasoning here-the same flaw many use to justify the failure of SS. Basing any argument on the 63-year lifespan from the actuarial tables in 1936 throws the whole argument off. There weren't masses of people who died between age 55-65 in 1936 that lowered overall lifespans. Huge numbers of childhood deaths brought the average down. Those people never lived to pay into SS, much less draw from it.Research a few old family genealogies and you'll be amazed at the numbers of people living well into their 80s and 90s. So the actuarial tables are misleading.Since fewer die as infants and in childhood, more survive to that ripe old age. And new workers lost to abortion thus DO reduce the numbers of paying taxpayers.

President Obama may be the most honest politician in elected office today. After his reelection in November, not only did we sentence our Country to four more years of big government but we also took away any reason for President Obama to lie or spin his socialist agenda.   He made no secret of his intentions on the campaign trail.

Indeed, where we ought to direct complaints about integrity is among the conservative movement. Why should the Republicans we elected stand up to cut spending and cut Government when the base is not willing to do the same?  Conservatives keep...