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Congress Keeps its Hand Around the Neck of USPS

truckingal Wrote: May 07, 2012 1:30 PM
First, USPS and FedEx employees dont equal out to apples and oranges.FedEx clerks might equate to clerks but thats about all-completely different business. Locally postal employees at small post offices make about $10/hr . .and the Post Master makes $14/hr ( excessive?) 'Minor-league' Post Masters DONT all make six figures . .Locally, I happen t know that our Post Master doesn't make six figures even with fringe added in: I know only because I obtained the figures so that I could file a comment with the PRC. As for purchasing their homes, that's outright disinformation. The real problem here is that USPS itself doesnt now what they spend/pay for. That's a failure of MANAGEMENT! Fire Donahue and you might start solving their problems.

The postal reform bill passed in the Senate last week is further evidence that politicians shouldn’t be entrusted with running a hotdog stand, let alone the nation’s mail. The U.S. Postal Service is supposed to operate like a business, but congressional micromanagement makes that impossible. Nevertheless, 62 senators voted for an eye-glazing 191-page bill that would keep Congress’s hand placed firmly around the USPS’s neck.

Here’s a summary from the Washington Post:

The bipartisan measure passed 62 to 37 and would give the Postal Service nearly $11 billion to offer buyouts and early retirement incentives to hundreds of thousands...