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Supreme Court Hypocrisies

Trublu Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 1:01 PM
Those conservative hoping for repeal of Obamacare had better prepare themselves for another disappointment. The temporary Excise Tax on phone bills has been reauthorized, reduced, increased and partially repealed since 1914. Repeal of legislation is unfortunately a rare event. Asking government officials to give up power or revenue is about as easy as asking them to be required to contribute to their own 401Ks.
Until last week, Chief Justice John Roberts was vilified as the leader of a conservative judicial cabal poised to destroy the Obama presidency by overturning the federal takeover of health care. But with his unexpected affirmation, Roberts suddenly was lauded as the new Earl Warren -- an "evolving" conservative who at last saw the logic of liberal big government.

Among our elites -- journalists, pundits and academics -- liberal Supreme Court justices are always deemed "open-minded," even as they are expected to vote in absolute lockstep liberal fashion. In contrast, a conservative justice is written off as reactionary or...