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Covering the Conclave

TRsquared Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 12:31 AM
How much less could you care? Had you said "I couldn't care less" not only would you have gotten correct the phrase you probably meant to use, but you would have definitively clarified a lower limit or floor to which your cares could not be fewer.

How are American newspapers and networks covering the Conclave? Poorly, if at all. Most of the stories are breathless horserace-style speculations about men they don't know. When American journalists venture into the issues facing the Roman Catholic Church they rightly mention the abuse scandals and then most stop, except for a few who go on about celibacy --which is not going to change no matter who emerges as the new pope. When you next spot an article talking about the slaughter of Christians in the world or the suppression of the Church in China, send me a link. The next pope...