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The answer is not subsidies, Medicare or an increase in the minimum wage. The answer is to get rid of the policies which have destroyed the economy, namely everything that Obama and the democrats have put into practice. One of the first things the Pelosi led congress enacted was an increase in the minimum wage, which led to higher unemployment. Then they increased the term for unemployment benefits, which has led to many people becoming unemployable. With all the stimulus money the president spent, it is difficult to tell where any long term jobs resulted. The increases in Federal aid have created a huge disincentive for some/many people to work. Healthcare costs would decline if the Government allowed a market that is more free and health insurance would be more competitive as a result. Some people say there is not much difference between the politicians of either party. Neither party does a good job. It is for this reason,if none other,that Government should be limited and small.
It's kind of sad how some people think that the internet and computers will never be used for anything other than (their perceived) good and moral purposes. That malicious computer viruses will never be unleashed, personal data and identities will never be stolen, child pornography will never be shared, pedophiles will never use them to seduce and abuse victims...
Don't buy the left's terminology, these are not "Federal" nor "Government" lands, they are PUBLIC lands. The White House is "The People's" house as well.
Two things...Hoffa supported Obamacare because unions were promised card-check and 26 year olds are able to remain on their parent's policies so that at least some of them will have health insurance paid for by someone (otherwise they would not get it and are less likely to use it).
I wish we could drop the "0"! But then we'd be stuck with slow Joe.
Perhaps because the leftists publicly idolize the image of "Che" and privately the tactics of 'dolf.
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One California -- Or Two?

TRsquared Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 1:26 AM
California is bought and paid for with union dues confiscated from employees on the coast! Take a look at the electoral maps, the only outliers are Imperial county (blue) on the eastern side and Orange (red) and San Diego (to a lesser extent) on the west.
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