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Terrorist Group Hezbollah Prepared to Take Over Syria

Troy152 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 12:49 PM
What this report said that Holder by selling guns to the drug cartels was helping arm the Hezbollah, now we know why it was military grade weapons the drug cartels was buying,and our Top law dog sold them the means to fight for Syria,This was the reason Obama didn't want the rebels armed, so this must mean Obama is actually working with Iran, or the muslim terriost who wants to take over Israel.This report did name Chavez as Irans friend, Our president likes Chavez, so our president must be on the side of the Hezbollah,if not then maybe he needs to do some explaining..This maybe why Holder activity of selling guns has been blocked by the president.He don't want people to know he is really arming the terriost, to take over a country.

Great news, Iran's terrorist group Hezbollah is poised to take over Syria should their buddy, Syrian President Bashir al-Assad, finally fall from power. More from JPost:

Iran is preparing to preserve its influence in Syria in the event that its ally President Bashar Assad should be removed from power by building a network of militias in the country along with Hezbollah, The Washington Post reported on Sunday, citing US and Middle East officials.

According to the officials, the militias are currently fighting alongside Assad's forces to keep the embattled leader in power. They believe,...