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American Presidents Should Learn an Important Lesson in Frugality from Francois Hollande

Troy152 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 6:38 AM
I like what Hollande is doing,he is working from the top down.Cutting overhead from the top down is what Obama should do, but he is just cutting the taxpayers while Washington still spends money like there is no tomorrow.These politicans knows what is required of them.They get paid a good salary and benifits for what they do which is not much, so they need to cut back the drain on taxpayers.The president needs to start with vacations for himself and his family, the first lady spent over a million and a half on just two trips if not more. She should have to pay for her vacations, because we did not elect her to any office or her kids.A family vacation maybe with the president,but not her and her family on the taxpayers dime.

I endorsed Francois Hollande, the Socialist, in his race to become President of France. I wasn’t under any illusion that he would do the right thing, but I figured anything was better than another term for Sarkozy, who was a de facto rather than de jure socialist.

Hollande largely has pursued a statist agenda of higher taxes and more wasteful spending since taking office, which is par for the course, but I will give him credit for cutting back on some of the personal excesses of  France’s ruling class.