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FLASHBACK: Senator Menendez Says Flourishing Prostitution is Failed Policy

Troy103 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 1:55 PM
We can all relax now that one of Eric Holder's men (Miller) is on the case. Yes, we can all be assured that the truth will be sought out and that no stone will go unturned. Shame on anyone who has insinuated that this humble Senator of the United States would engage in such lewd behavior and conduct unbecoming. Dear Senator Menendez, I'm sorry for all the nasty posts about you and your character. I know that your buddy Eric (after his boy [Miller] completes his THOROUGH investigation) will find not a shred of wrongdoing on your part. But will instead find that it was the Republicans that drove you to do what you're accused of doing. It's not your fault Senator that you are accused of sexual misconduct with women less than a third your age
Retired Lady Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 2:06 PM
Wasn't it the "vast right-wing blogosphere" that began these "harassing" questions? Surely Eric will launch an investigation.

In light of recent allegations and mounting evidence against New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez regarding sexcapades in the Dominican Republic with prostitutes (some of whom may have been underage at the time) thanks to a rich donor with a private jet, his past rants against prostitution are fun to listen to.

Menendez is frantically throwing together a public relations response team to try and smother the latest allegations after draining his bank account to