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AND NOT PASSING A DAMN BUDGET I MIGHT ADD! This is all by design. If there's no budget signed in to law, the party in power can make the rules (Continuing Resolutions) as they go along. So far, it's worked out quite nicely for them.
I work for a major DoD maintenance depot and will probably be furloughed again. I DON'T NEED OR WANT YOUR SYMPATHY. If the government is shut down so be it. You can bet I'll hold my Republican Congressmen accountable in the next election if they don't do EVERYTHING they can to thwart ObamaCare, even it if means me going home for a few days. Don't Tread On Me!
And those Americans that do blame the GOP are stupid. These are the same Americans that actually voted for Obama in the last two elections. It's not hard to figure out what's really going here people.
Well, how 'bout THAT union phuckers!
Why are we wasting our time talking about this movie. Won't last a week in the theatres.
Can someone please explain to me why all the photos of this clod show her to appear to be in deep thought? Maybe she just likes the smell of her index finger? Hmmmm. Just a thought.
My sister has one and it shoots awesome!
The U.N. = pussies in powder-blue helmets. Powder blue? Really?
Not really. It's was just another feckless attempt to take our guns away. I liken it to the drunk whimp in the bar (administration) that goes up to the bouncer (We The People and the NRA) and sticks his finger in his chest challenging him to a brawl. As you may guess, it doesn't end well for the whimp.
I still believe the Republicans are doing the right thing and playing the only card they really have at this point. I don't see any other party [there's only one other party] in Washington that's realistically trying to curb the runaway spending and neverending debt ceiling increases, which in the long run will affect EVERY person in this country.
No. People never learn cuz they still vote Democrat.
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