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Agreed 100%. I'm hoping he way oversteps his authority and gets slapped down by the Supreme Court. At that point, impeachment would be called for. Good luck getting the Senate to try him though.
If its true that it was a worker who was furloughed (as was earlier reported) because of the sequester, it's definitely the Repubican's fault. The regime is already calling for "common sense measures to prevent gun violence". I have a common sense solution: start killing radical extremists as soon as they are identified. Do a better job of investigating for security clearances, and pull them from guys like Hasan.
Based on reports of college students dropping off backpacks full of ballots, and the fact that Morse only lost by 2 in El Paso County, one of the most conservative in the US, I'd say that there were plenty of Democrats voting. More likely voter fraud on their part than suppression.
This Coloradan is very proud of my state today. I was beginning to give thought to moving to Utah, Wyoming or Montana. Hopefully the momentum will carry into next fall. If you are in Colorado, I urge you to get involved in the process, and let's trow da bums out next fall!
Every biker I've ever met, including Hell's Angels, Banditos, the average weekend warrior, and especially the veterans' groups has more patriotism in their throttle hands than you will ever have, Huntsville. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters. Godspeed. I'm grounded at home, but I'll be with you in my heart.
You forgot McCain, Graham, Boehner, Cantor, etc.
Perhaps. For now. Let's hope so.
We might want to send Obummer a tube of KY and some kneepads as well.
I don't know about you, brother, but I'm damned glad I don't have to march to that idiot's orders anymore.
Indeed. Unfortunately, anyone who refuses is going to spend a long time in Leavenworth waiting for the courts to sort it out. And I'd venture to say that they would proclaim O's orders to be legal. A REAL mutiny would solve the problem however. the NSA analyst reading this...I AM NOT advocating mutiny. Just hoping...
Since when did the Constitution matter to this bunch of clowns?
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