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Better get it while you can, and before the price doubles again.
From what I've read, he's got a lot of the hallmarks of paranoid schizophrenia. But that's not an excuse. If you have a problem, you get treatment and take your meds. Not taking them is a copout. A shrink not committing this guy is even more of a copout. And it's the libturds' fault that he couldn't be committed.
That's why 1 roll of tin foil will last me a lifetime. Do you also think 9/11 and the moon landings were faked?
By the way, USMC, the Marines on the base did you proud. They were going about the search in utilities and pistol belts, carrying shotguns, while the SWAT bozos were busy gearing up in more armor than a fire team in Fallujah. OOHRAHHH!
Through a much more effective and simple mind control method....broadcast a crazy loser's last actions all over the media, thereby giving other crazy losers the idea that they too can go out in a blaze of glory and no longer (in their mind at least), be a loser.
Kind of like "military intelligence"?
Dude, I think your tin foil hat is too tight.
Not sure how he can justify more executive orders. This guy just followed Crazy Uncle Joe's advice and bought a shotgun. If the VP was promoting it, how can it be wrong? Of course, he did kill a couple of guards with it and took their pistols and an AR. Maybe his EO will be to disarm the guards on all military bases?
Just when I was getting ready to buy an AR. Prices are gonna double again. Dag nab it.
Does this moron realize that at nearly every gun show in every state, you have to undergo a background check to buy a firearm? That an internet gun sale is required to go through an FFL, which means you also have to fill out the ATF form and submit to a background check?
Agreed 100%. I'm hoping he way oversteps his authority and gets slapped down by the Supreme Court. At that point, impeachment would be called for. Good luck getting the Senate to try him though.
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