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Starbucks is not anti-gun. They issued the "policy" letter to appease Moms Demand Action (a Bloomberg front), yet did not ban concealed carry from their stores. I have never seen a sign prohibiting guns. As for helping vets, they used to have a program where you could buy a bag of coffee and they would send packages to the troops. Not their money, I know, but it was something. My observation is, they really aren't as liberal as some make them out to be. If you boycott every business that leans liberal, you are going to have a tough time getting all of your shopping done. But it's your right to choose who you give your business to. Just my 2 cents.
What's he gonna do, have possessed guns that leap off the nightstand and go shoot people? It's a bunch of inanimate metal parts that can't do a thing without human help, you fool. Unfortunately, these idiots seem to think that guns are evil, and just being near one is dangerous, and can turn someone into a psychopathic killer.
I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe a nice 1911 or even better, an EBR (evil black rifle). Don't think I will have it engraved to commemorate the day though.
Part of the challenge of hunting is finding the animals, by scouting on foot, reading sign, and knowing how they tend to behave. If you don't want the challenge, find another activity. Some of the new technology is great, but much of it just produces lazy hunters. But then, laziness is rampant throughout our society. BAN THEM.
I think your sex life is about the only thing they don't want to regulate.
If he he trolling for interns, they should have a picture of him walking backwards with his fly unzipped.
This was not a "mass shooting." It was an attempted murder that happened to take place at a school. The kid that confronted the shooter (if that report is accurate) is a hero. And law enforcement responded correctly, by going immediately instead of waiting for the entire force to show up. Kudos to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department.
There is a simple solution to this problem. One that has already been used effectively. A concealed carry permit, a .45 (or whatever caliber you prefer), and the willingness to use it. A young punk in Detroit came down with an acute case of lead poisoning after he tried to play with the wrong guy. If that happens a few more times, these little punks might get the message. Unfortunately, it won't help in NYC, DC, Chicago and other cities with strict gun control laws.
This tool is dumber than a bag of hammers....or a bag of low information voters, which he is helping to create and maintain. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.
when you stay home, you just help keep the thugs in office. That makes you part of the problem.
Pretty sure he just lost the election.
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