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YOU morons post daily that Obama is giving America to the socialists/communists. AND you constantly link Obama to ANY socialist communist activity, like they are ALL interconnected. NOT TODAY, since it sinks your feeble arguments. silly con who does NOT know who controlled congress, YET preaches the ALL KNOWING attitude!
Nice link. Or is this YOU babbling, AGAIN?
Egypt had a revolution a year ago, NOT too many guns involved. IF Egypt can do it. you think Americans are too DUMB to do it as well?
"The U.S. State Department has refused to recognize the election results, claiming the opposition deserves a recount." So much for you MORONS and the "Obama is a commie". Shouldn't he be congratulating the new socialist president? Maybe you MORONS just make POO up!
So mentally challenged. noted.
HOTAIR??? you couldn't find a REAL source so I don't laugh at you? you could show some brains and post the CBS link. THAT too complicated for cons? wana bet it's a Right Wing Nut inspired Witch hunt in the making? congress wasted a year "investigating F & F only to conclude the ATF in Arizona were the "responsible" parties.
Silly dimwit. Everyone is a potential rapist? Don't be such a sexist Neanderthal.
this is YOU stalling.
Lets observe the maturity of you silly cons: usmcpgw Wrote: 3 minutes ago (8:45 PM) all the dems where the wackdoodles who did them Uber Dave Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:47 PM) You just can't wait for that so you can exploit the victims for political gain, can you? Duke Nuk'em Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:47 PM) America won, you lost. Suck it up, Buttercup marxist! george washington Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:47 PM) You will never, ever, get the guns. We have bought millions more to supplement the more than 200,000,000 we already own. You have lost and we have won. Get used to it. Petrus64 Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:47 PM) waaaaahhh!!! The intellect of the RIGHT.
why do you say the dumbest things? Some of life's mysteries.
george washington Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:40 PM) The idea they could do anything...even confiscate the firearms which built the Republic! Seriously george, are you an drugs? have mental issues? Congress can't even pass a watered down background check and still you dim wits continue with this THE SKY IS FALLING, vomit. So , what is it? Mental disorder? or just a wackadoodle?
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