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wackadoodles ALL belong to YOU. Especially the ANTI GOVERNMENT ones. Mr Ricin mailer, is an anti gov NUT Job like YOU morons. you morons are SO caught up in Party name. OH, Lincoln was GOP! we are the party that ended slavery, bla bla. Progressive/ wackadoodle see? all the crazies are on your side. anti government, according to YOU is your side.
Is that a threat I can forward someplace?
Except the GOP are getting blamed for the "Do Nothing Congress" silly Henry.
My point about you guys being WACKY, just gets more and more evidence to back that up.
Actually ignorant Panda, I am POINTING OUT, to you low functioning humans, that TH is nothing more than a propaganda rag that's SOLE PURPOSE is to get Ultracons like YOU to foam at the mouth and vote against your own best interest. simple.
since when did Panda become the voice of reason?
you dim cons don't "float ideas". You make poo UP and pretend it's reality.
Well Neanderthals, The fact that TH has not posted anything about the suspect in the Ricin mailing, being arrested, IS PROOF POSITIVE, that this is nothing more than a Propaganda Machine, who's existence is to POKE the Right Wing Nuts and make them foam at the mouth. arresting a white, christian, wing nut does fit the current propaganda agenda.
so, are as belligerent as calohan29? or you got banned and resurrected?
I was wondering if you cons could say something even DUMBER than you did yesterday. Now I Know.
YOU morons post daily that Obama is giving America to the socialists/communists. AND you constantly link Obama to ANY socialist communist activity, like they are ALL interconnected. NOT TODAY, since it sinks your feeble arguments. silly con who does NOT know who controlled congress, YET preaches the ALL KNOWING attitude!
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