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GUY BENSON, the village Moron, writes the salacious vomit: "Zero assistance, hour after hour, as two murdered former SEALs begged for back-up". Not ONE WORD is true of course, which is backed up by the Senate hearings. AND McGovern Wrote: 7 minutes ago (6:05 PM) I'm serious, T_A, What difference does it make? Benson LIES, conservative go, "WHO CARES!" not like you fools are after the truth, like you CLAIM all the time. pathetic.
what difference does it make if GUY BENSON makes POO UP?? nothing it seems, to disingenuous cons
you won't feel so bad if you try checking out REALITY instead of wackadoodle land.
you posted this exact vomit yesterday, word for word. the silly con calling for MORE Government intervention.
" Zero assistance, hour after hour, as two murdered former SEALs begged for back-up." HEY MORONS! Especially YOU Guy BENSON! THIS is a total LIE. when are you silly humans going to stop telling each other the same lies over and over ? You can say it over and over, until you die, still does not make it true. Senate hearings are ALL lies as well? The timeline from those hearings have HELP on the way 25 minutes after the call went out. Yet here the Neanderthals are, LYING to each other AGAIN. WHY is that? Oh, right. Right Wing Wacko Propaganda site with an audience of wing nuts.
Christie wants to be President. He knows that being a wackadoodle will not make the cut. He also sees that over 80% of America want background checks, yet congress does NOTHING and the GOP are getting the blame. He is no fool. YOU crazies on the other hand, ARE!
good job at not responding to one word I posted. good job a dodging the point, that cons are low functioning. mind you. You seem to have added credence to the "low functioning" part, with this "response".
All week? they searched for ONE day. SO...... you MADE UP the Week part.
andrew299 Wrote: 7 minutes ago (5:18 PM) So the FBI knew about this guy two years ago, they kept the Boston Police in the dark and made them look foolish , the Russians had to help us out, and the younger bomber and Obama were Jay Z fans. So let me get this straight. YOU wanted the Government to keep tabs on some guy who was deemed not a threat, AND, give his file to the cops, so THEY could watch the guy, not perceived to be a threat, AND in the next breath, want less government. Then the nit wit conservative goes on to link Obama and the bomber because they listen to the SAME Music. AND you cons don't think this is wacky?
It's my alter ego on my downstairs computer. TH won't accept log in under my usual name. Some Right Wing Plot no doubt. I made my name, so even the low functioning would pick up on who it was. Even the marine caught it right away.
wackadoodles ALL belong to YOU. Especially the ANTI GOVERNMENT ones. Mr Ricin mailer, is an anti gov NUT Job like YOU morons. you morons are SO caught up in Party name. OH, Lincoln was GOP! we are the party that ended slavery, bla bla. Progressive/ wackadoodle see? all the crazies are on your side. anti government, according to YOU is your side.
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