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NO. I accused some moron of being too Dim to post a link. BIG difference. You cons LIE. Like GUY BENSON did yesterday when he wrote about benghazi: "they begged for help for hours, 2 marines died". COMPLETE LIE, yet you cons keep saying it over and over like programmed drones.
you going to post this every ten minutes? the entire country is "progressive" compared to this country.
Ya, don't want any pesky facts to get involved. Trust me. YOU guys need all the extra info you can get. Neanderthals have a lot of catching up to do.
shall we brand Christianity based on the Christians who MURDER abortion doctors. How about Christian, Timmy McVeigh. YOU morons do all kinds of things "In the Name of GOD!" By the way, Islam HAS THE SAME GOD!
does this silly meat sack masquerading as a human NOT KNOW that there have over 500 TERRORIST prosecutions in the US since 9/11? Hmmmmm?
americathebeautiful Wrote: 10 minutes ago (2:14 PM) You bet they are leading the charge B1RD and they are leading that war against America with a vengeance. You can count on it......there is another MAJOR cover-up going on here by obama and his gang of marauders. They CANNOT allow that bomber to do any talking whatsoever........they CANNOT allow him to talk at all. THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY: the wackadoodle under the bed, hugging IT'S Gun and Bible!
I hope your not getting PAID for your dimness. "Refugee status" makes thing easier, cause they have ALREADY decided they are not going BACK.
Are YOU DUMB? YES, for sure.
THIRD day in a row with the SAME dumb post, WORD FOR WORD! you mom make these so you could cut and paste?
GUY BENSON, the village Moron, writes the salacious vomit: "Zero assistance, hour after hour, as two murdered former SEALs begged for back-up". Not ONE WORD is true of course, which is backed up by the Senate hearings. AND McGovern Wrote: 7 minutes ago (6:05 PM) I'm serious, T_A, What difference does it make? Benson LIES, conservative go, "WHO CARES!" not like you fools are after the truth, like you CLAIM all the time. pathetic.
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