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You're absolutely right. If she wants to see how corrupt and out of control that system can be, I suggest that she watch the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M." True story. It would disgust any American woman who enjoys the right to live freely. (The woman was accused of adultery, but her husband purposely made up the false allegation and bullied others into being "witnesses" so he could have his wife stoned - so he could marry some ho.) God help me, but I would put a bullet through that man's skull if he were my husband. I wouldn't want to have my right to defending myself stripped from me. You're so right - she has absolutely NO clue. :(
I couldn't agree more. Everyone needs to be protecting their 2nd Amendment rights harder than ever. Tyrants like her are the real reason it was created. They would love nothing more than to disarm us, change our laws so that we're like slaves and rob us of every penny we earn. Who wants to live like that? Anyone want to vote for this biarch again? I'd rather die on my feet defending my freedom and my right to own a gun than to live on my knees begging tyrannical liberals like her for my freedom back.
She's just stupid and greedy. Bad combo.
You're right. While many other states have some nice healthy turds to pass into the D.C. bowl, we always manage to release the most loose and nasty ones...like Maxine. Pretty pathetic.
I agree. Very ironic. She's trying to destroy progress. Every black female should be against this woman. They have worked hard to get the rights they deserve, and this crazy windbag wants to just throw them away! :/
I think you better look up the definition of "racist" before you start throwing that word around.
She's just as crazy as the people who voted for her. Hey Maxine, here's an idea: WAKE UP!! This is America. The United States. Not Iran. If you want Sharia law, go to Iran and let us know how that works out for you. She'd probably really get what she deserves there! She's just greedy and selfish and wants to encourage a legal system that would put tyrants like her in more control over people. WE THE PEOPLE love our constitution and will fight to uphold OUR laws over the laws of others. Go play in the sandbox and bury your head, Maxine. We won't miss you!!!
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