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What is the Future of Conservatism?

Troglodite Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 3:43 PM
k: This kind of reasoning, to my way of thinking, represents the triumph of ideological purity over common sense. Really, can you make a good case that the marriage laws that have been on the books for most of our history have been a blot on our freedoms? It is true, of course, that not everything that is immoral can or should be criminalized. The decision to criminalize something, or to decriminalize it, or to leave things well enough alone as they are should be based on experience and common sense. Life requires prudence, rather than mere consultation of a book of political theorems.

I DON'T FALL IN LOVE with politicians – the last presidential candidate I voted for with ardor was Ronald Reagan in 1980 – and my heart doesn't break when those I support don't win. Nor am I a party loyalist. As a conservative I vote for Republicans more often than not; for those of us committed to free enterprise, limited government, military strength, and a healthy civil society, there is usually no better option. But the Republican Party isn't the conservative movement. And a GOP defeat doesn't mean conservatism – or the GOP, for that matter – is in crisis.