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Right...who is John Galt?
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Trixie52 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 6:21 PM
I wouldn't do that to Mogadishu.
If nothing else, at least it'll be taxable income and he'll be forced to give some back.
They are not bank accounts of corporations. In this particular union, the employers pay $4.00+/hour to the union for its members' pension. The union itself does not fund this pension plan and neither do its members. It is also not a 401(k) plan. And yes, the checks come from the union and they have complete control over it.
to provide a service or product.
He already has retired, unfortunately from a disability. I guess my point is that in some cases, the money collected doesn't even need to be directed to pension funds and therefore all of it can be squandered. Except, of course, that money devoted to their own salaries. Hopefully, the USDOL/OPWBP is still doing audits of pension plans and thwarting any illegal dipping in. I'm not anti union, without it we'd be up the creek. But I think they've gone way overboard. They propagate an "us against them" mentality between workers and management. I also think there should not be any public employee unions as their salaries and benefits are totally based upon the taxpayers' ability to pay instead of a private company's willingness and expertise
The union my husband belongs to doesn't even contribute any dues to the pension fund. It is a wholly employer-contributed plan. The $5-6K in dues he paid each year while working was solely for the privilege of being a member.
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