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Why dont you people just admit Susan rice is qualified to be SOS? She's not some newbie at this...she has been actively involved in politics and the progressive cause since the early 90s. Yes she blamed the video and that was misleading. But the video DID anger Muslims so it wasnt technically a lie...... I'm sure they had a good reason to not come out and name Al Quiada...maybe there was some negotiating with ME govts going on behind the scenes we dont know about? Conservs are ridiculous making this into such a HUGE scandal.
Hannity no longer wanted ANY dissenting views on his show.
I did. I had to grow up in the shadow of an overgrown ape who could throw a ball around.
fathers are great but not 100% necessary IF the mother knows what shes doing. While its true, many mothers DONT. I certainly do, given my education and reading on the subject.
Yes, I made a mistake, and said demographics when I meant geographics. I guess I should be dragged into the nearest field and destroyed.
I said GANGS. Do you want them in your town? No
I'm not hateful, so I am going to wish everybody at Townhall (especially Guy Benson even though he was mean to me) a Happy Thanksgiving. Ok, everybody except little Katie Pavlich. I also extend my holiday well wishes to all conservatives posting here who, though they may have disagreed with me, never stooped to vile personal attacks or abortion related garbage.
I thought you meant liberals were 12%
Not at all. They just tend not to like me. White guys included
Lets also bring some reality into this discussion too.......Obama is doing a good job and doing what the majority twice elected him to do
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