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You are insulting teenage boys....
One last thing, to Chicago undercover.... Nobody is forcing you to do anything. It's a DEMOCRACY and the voters have chosen. Obama and progressivism. And the facts are that every election from now on will only INCREASE our hold on the country. If you dont like it, leave. Majority of Americans wants to be more like Europe.
No, it is starting everybody off on a level playing field
Well, the term "race card" itself is definitely played out. Im sick of hearing it
I will be leaving Townhall within the week. But dont worry. 2 progressives will rise up to take my place.
Becca, I will have to look into this, but I'm FAIRLY SURE Walmart workers dont make 13/hr....even if they've been there a while and promoted. At any rate, the Walton family, which still owns half the company, are greedy billionaires, living lives of almost repugnant excess. Their selfishness at not even giving their workers the barest bones of benefits, speaks volumes, really.
I know it must be annoying having to listen to white people drone on about things they have no clue about. I dont blame you
I will never have puppies, as I can't stand dogs
I love my nephew and will love his brother on the way. They will be playmates for my own children, hopefully someday. What WOULD be sad is if they grew up hearing my brother and his wife's dim-witted reactionary rightwing nonsense. Apparently my brother wants his son(s) to grow uo to be as big of a tool as he is, and plans to teach them "how to shoot" someday. Just sick.
Why dont you people just admit Susan rice is qualified to be SOS? She's not some newbie at this...she has been actively involved in politics and the progressive cause since the early 90s. Yes she blamed the video and that was misleading. But the video DID anger Muslims so it wasnt technically a lie...... I'm sure they had a good reason to not come out and name Al Quiada...maybe there was some negotiating with ME govts going on behind the scenes we dont know about? Conservs are ridiculous making this into such a HUGE scandal.
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