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I do so wish that those who "volunteer to serve" would go on strike concerning protecting the POS POTUS. Let's see how brave HE is in the face of having to protect himself. And I'd love for all gun shops to deny his application to apply for a gun for self-protection. "Sorry, sir, but your birth certificate does not meet the smell test. Application denied."
LOL, Susan! Perfect! But wait, would he still get those 72 virgins?
I don't know the stats in Africa, but I saw on a news show recently that more heterosexuals than homosexuals have the HIV virus in the US. So a sweeping statement about homosexuals irritates me. Trust me, pure heterosexual here, just sayin'.
Let's see: What did Clinton have down his pants? Oh, right, Lewinsky, Whitewater to name a couple. Not to mention his "crew" trashing and stealing from the WH before having to move out. Can't even name all of the people and scandals Zero has down his pants. In comparison, Bush is the most honorable man sandwiched between those two. My folks went to hear a speech by Karl Rove, and they came away in awe. And to say my dad is not easily impressed is kind of like saying Zero's administration isn't very forthcoming.
LOL! Only eight?
What does Penn State have to do with it? They're not a county, they're a university. And there's a whole lot more to Centre County than Penn State. The more egregious voter fraud happened in the Philly area, way East of Centre County. I live in central PA (and in the interest of full disclosure am a Penn State alum). Around here the bumper stickers and signs for Romney ran at least three to one over those for Oblamer. And I live in a union steel town.
Oh, for crying out loud, DueNorth dipwad! Sore losers? When districts all over the country have shown more votes than there are voters? How about people wanting the elections to be fair? Obama won? No, he stole. West lost? No, he was stolen from. If you want to gloat over winning by dirty dealing, that says a WHOLE lot about you, none of which I'd like to know better. Bush won by a much larger margin than was shown, and Dems couldn't get over the fact that their cheating tactics didn't work. If fixing voting results makes you feel superior, I feel sorry for you. BTW, how many times did you vote?
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