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you can't manage any of these people... Muslim terrorists.. ISIS, ISIL. Hamas, any Muslim group-- they are total committed to their jihad.... they are out to destroy us, convert of die, plain and simple. It's not really complicated. You can't negotiate with these people.They put no value on human life, for starters.. while we do. The only way to truly rid the world of these "cockroaches" is to exterminate them. As long as there are those who survive within these terrorist.. there will never be peace and they will continue to target us and kill our own. Obama is one of them... he's part of the enemy.. his actions and lack thereof speak volumes... He gives our enemy money and weapons that they can use against us.
most minimum wage jobs are for unskilled workers.. someone just starting out, no education or training. If the government raises the minimum wage, then all other wages for skilled workers will need to be raise... should a person with training/education be making the same about as some who has not had any training ? No. don't think so. Not sure our economy can handle that. And those who work hard fro everything they have..are tired of subsidizing other people's lives. the policies of the current administration are destroying our country and it's economy. Hello people.... socialism fails every time, if the libs running our education system would allow the truth to be taught... we would not be doomed to repeat history.
obama and the rest of his socialist cohorts only care about themselves... most deceitful, corrupt, underhanded, selfish and self-center bunch of socialist thugs in our history. I don't have much sympathy for the media, they brought this on themselves. Someone dealing with socialist (aka Democrats) should come to expect lies, corruption, etc.... the media got Obama elected both times because of their bias and that misled the people.
the loony left socialist (aka democrats) want the American people ignorant,... an ignorant, uneducated people are easier to control. That's why they took over our schools 4 decades ago. Today's Democrats (aka socialist) is all about control, controlling all aspects of one's life and it's about power and money. Democrats only care about the control and power over the American people. and the evil agenda.
actually "progressive" isn't a new name. It was used during Wilson's era but it got a bad / negative connotation.... aka socialism. So they started using the term liberal. It's still just a cover for socialism/Marxism/communism. .
Common Core Standards is insidious. I have done intensive search, and this is going to destroy our country. Here's a few things that implementing these standards mean to your school and students... local school officials, teachers, and parents/student have absolutely no say in what is taught or tested on, none... that's unconstitutional -- federal government will mandate everything. -- teachers only allowed to lecture 15 mins a day --- how is she suppose to teach.. -- by high school the required reading list will be up to 70% government manuals... like EPA manuals. While classics and/or fiction reading is 30%. -- two professors on the validation committee refused to support the standards.. dumbing down students. -- asking over 400 questions of personal/family information.. like political affiliations , religious affiliations, credit card, financial history, medical history... this is beyond intrusive. -- how about the development by the Gates foundation of biotech bracelets to track your child. -- it's not happening yet, but is in development. The liberals slowly took over education system beginning in the 1960's and our schools have been going down hill ever since. -- do the research , look at the stats. The liberals (aka democrat socialist) are all about control and the easiest way to control people is simple....it's much easier to control ignorant people, than educated people. I am in VIrginia, we supposely did not sign on board with Common Core, we received no stimulus money, no Race to the Top grant money.. but we did apply and receive a No CHild Left Behind wavier, the string attached there is.. must incorporate Common Core into our education system. Evidence show that actually Common Core is being implemented here in Virginia but it's under the radar making it difficult to fight against.
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Guns and Grade-School Panic

tripmom92 Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 8:27 AM
these school officials have way too much time on their hands... why don't they handle some of the real issues... like real bullying that keeps happening. The boys are simply being boys..... boys have been playing like this for generations... I guess our government officials want a us to rise a generation of pansies. Most of the time this playing is about good guys vs the bad guys and someone is the hero; the current generations of kids are learning to be unimaginative,weak and that it is wrong to want to be a "hero" ...to take care of the bad guys.
If she takes responsibility, then why hasn't she stepped down already. She deserves criminal charges. She and her cohorts should be charged with malfeasance of office, dereliction of duty, and accessory to murder. Because of her incompetence 4 people died.
Progressive want to dumb down our children.... makes it easier to control them. It's all about control. No longer is academics or knowledge being taught, it's social engineering, plain and simple. A teacher told me this "kids today can't think their way out of a paper bag even with the instructions written on the inside." now that's sad. Kids don't have any critical thinking skills, they have to be spoon fed everything. This is just how the progressives (aka socialist) want it.
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