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Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham Obama

treed Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 9:09 AM
Speaking of lawyers in the legislature, I heard that John Edwards former vice presidential candidate & ambulance chaser as well as skirt chaser is running for office again.
That's the best one I've heard yet! You can keep your policy until we say you can't keep it. This by the same people who can't manage to operate a website for their product but somehow the NSA can monitor every e-mail, phone call, and financial transaction in the country. And now they're proposing that all doctors will have to accept medicare and the underpayments for services that O-care promises to deliver. Yup, we're fundamentally transforming America. Ain't that Hope & Change great?
So the IRS can decide that the law is to complex to be enforced. Good luck with that excuse when you fail to document every item on your return. Somehow I don't think that would fly during an audit.
It seems that Dianne Feinstein couldn't wait to get out there to renew her assault on the constitution claiming that this is one more incident that proves congress must rid this nation of the scourge of "assault weapons" whatever they are. How about if we rid the nation of gun free zones, these tragedies seem to happen predominantly in areas where people are unarmed.
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