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Digital Medical Hubris

Tree11 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 10:06 AM
In the 1970's, I worked for the State of MIchigan court system under a grant from LEAA, a federal program to computerize court records. The agency I worked for employed lots of contractors who regularly "worked" 80 hours a week and produced nothing. We spent millions of dollars, a lot of money in those days, and at the end of had nothing to show for it. LEAA was stopped after about 4 years by Congress. Believe it or not there has been an end to a federal program. My coworkers spread out to various courts in the state and successfully computerized the records in those courts when their budgets were locally controlled.
Now the other shoes begin to drop. Voters knew in November that many of the promises Obama made in 2008 had been broken. The economy had not revived as he had promised it would ("or we'll be talking about a one-term proposition"). He has not "changed the tone in Washington" -- except for the worse. He didn't prevent lobbyists from holding positions in his administration. He didn't cut the deficit in half; he increased it radically. But voters apparently decided that the president deserved credit for good intentions.

How long will that indulgence last? The next four years, whatever else...