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The results: Microsoft. Dell, Medtronics, NASA with a man on the moon, the internet, Thomas Sowell, Ron Paul, need I go on?
Maybe we could find some principal to expel him.
If Mother Angelica had not had a stroke and lost her ability to speak, she just might do that. You should watch her at 8:00 pm on Tuesdays. To quote her answer to a question from a caller, "Tell him to go to he$$, he's going there anyway."
Actually, the nuns no longer run EWTN. You will see laymen on the PERP walk. I think the men who run EWTN are strong enough to face down the law.
Wish I was dirt poor.
What's the old saying? Take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.
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Amnesty Lite Is Still Amnesty

Tree11 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 7:42 AM
In Michigan, ICE agents stop families as they are LEAVING the US and sit in the parks and look out at the rivers and lakes for illegal immigrants. Sometimes I just want to scream at them, "turn around, the illegals are coming from the south".
Tax the wealthy Harvard professors.
Why isn't Jackson making demand of the elementary schools? You can't get a job in a technical company without technical training. You can't get technical training without high school education which includes math and science and you can't get high school math and science without a good foundation in reading, writing and arithmetic and you find those or you rather don't find those in elementary schools.
Enlisting is not serving.
It's still about getting the headlines off the VA. What's the next story going to be?
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