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Plot, counter-plot.
Coercion according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is "to make (someone) do something by using force or threats". Lehmberg is still the prosecutor, so Perry did not coerce her to do anything.
Typical. Democrats actually doing what they accuse the Republicans of doing
In the 1920's, my father moved from French Canada to Rhode Island when he was 11. He was placed in the 1st grade and moved up as he progressed in English, finishing at the proper grade level. The results: he spoke perfect English and had a great story to tell, "he went from grade one to grade eight in one year".
I lived in Orange County Texas. Hurricane Rita hit the area one month after Hurricane Katrina causing just as much damage. Instead of holding a meeting to figure out how to get money from Washington, the counties suspended all permitting requirements and basically allowed residents do what it took to fix the damage. Eight months later, the area had almost completely recovered. One noticeable exception, the airport which was controlled by the federal government. That was finally reopened three years later, just in time for Hurricane Ike.
Agree, the pioneers had no time for bigotry, they were too busy doing the physical labor required to survive. According to his diary, my great-great-great-grandfather even worked on building the road along his property.
Well said. Your paragraph should be included in every history text.
It's not "Whoops" or "Oops". It's deliberate.
Because, he would have lost the issue as a political football.
They are meddling in our lives. We have to shell out money don't we?
CGI is a Canada-based firm that also had problems in Canada. See This information was available when the no-bid contract was awarded.
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