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They are meddling in our lives. We have to shell out money don't we?
CGI is a Canada-based firm that also had problems in Canada. See This information was available when the no-bid contract was awarded.
How many more computer hard drives were destroyed?
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Nanny State Targets Grocery Stores

Tree11 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 4:05 PM
Each cart will have a Smartphone with GPS. Then after the cart is stolen, some app will give advice on the best place to buy any drugs needed.
When will Republicans learn the Democrats have enough rope to hang themselves? Just leave them alone and they will defeat themselves.
Where do you move to? The moon? PP is trying to spread the same message all over the world.
And if you research on the computer, don't ever plan on getting into politics, because someone will dig up the search and use it against you. And don't say anything politically incorrect or some government agency will do the same. Gestapo country.
I personally know the border is secure, the Canadian border that is. Just yesterday, I observed 5 border agents, stopping cars LEAVING the U.S. If there is any legislation passed about increased border enforcement, it must specify the southern border.
talk, talk, talk
What the standards say and how they are implemented are two different things. The implementation is where the control comes in.
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