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Will this work like banning drugs?
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Mob Rule Economics

Tree11 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 9:33 AM
Actually 2%. The 1% at the top and the 1% controlling the bottom.
Why do studies with so-called conservative outcomes SUGGEST a result while studies with so-called liberal outcomes PROVE a result?
Fanastic! Will we now be spared all the polls and ads targeting minorities groups? Didn't think so. One rule for us, another rule for them.
Detroit, where the minimum wage rose 10% just 2 weeks ago and according to news reports, the police make $14 an hour.
In his first campaign, he promised change without defining it. We now know it is change of mind.
All the teachers in Lynn MA should resign in protest.
Bring back Harry Truman.
Good for Kroger. If Bloomberg wants to control guns in Kroger, let him buy Kroger. Also, Kroger knows that if they let him control the guns, he'll be in there with his soda size limits and all the other healthy eating fads.
Plot, counter-plot.
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