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because the economy needs capital to move.
"Check out Obama's speech in Cairo. Most people who understand English would interpret that as an apology." -please link to the apology. the words "i'm sorry" need to be said.
"You idiot, if you do not like income disparity, you are pro-reduistribution therefore you are pro-socialist/communist." -of course i am. if money is not continuously redistributed the economy will stall. people need to spend money and keep it in the economy, not in savings accounts where it does nothing for the economy.
"What's wrong with income disparity? People should be paid based upon what they do." -what do you mean? should hard work be rewarded? why do hard workers tend to make minimum wage?
? you are another delusional repug.
go ahead and link me. i can't find any.
the one who got the guy that had eluded capture for a decade. that guy.
i've never mentioned communism. why do you love income disparity?
clarity- it must contain an actual apology though.
well that's true. the guy before him lied to the world in order to invade a country and kill the leader because they had a family feud.
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