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Obama's comments this morning sounded very much like Weiner. I paraphrase, --- If you folks would quit listening to all the bloggers on the internet, I would be the Supreme Dictator by now. Perhaps he and Weiner are sharing selfies.
Without Tea Party support there will be no more GOP. Either the GOP embraces constitutional conservatism, small gov principles or they've conceded to the progressives.
Woodward absolutely correct. However, media is lining up to protect Obama. Need folks like TownHall and others to help counter the MSM.
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Did Eric Holder Lie Under Oath?

TRayMN Wrote: May 24, 2013 12:14 PM
Congress has the power ro arrest and convict. The questions is do they have the guts to do it or are these hearings just political theater. They all need to grow a pair.
Most NYers have their heads in the sand. Do not want to know anything that might go against their meme. Truth is not a constant. My wife is from NY and still has family there. She is a conservative and constantly is appauled by how uninformed her family can be,
Agreed. Those that voted for this criminal should be apologizing to the rest of the country, including the press that have propped him up. The tyranny from this administration is obvious and getting worse, Impeachment should happen now.
Yea, about 51% of the American idiots that voted for the LIAR.
Strarve the beast. May be the only way to kill Obamacare. If legislator that votes to give this insane piece of legislation another dime should be ran out of DC on a rail.
If this bill passes as is, there will be no form of conservative (GOP or Libertarian) majority in Fed Gov for a very long time to come. Millions of new democrat voters will secure their power and this country will be headed over the socialist cliff. This bill should be defeated. Gang of 8 correctly called a Gang. The American people are being mugged, robed, and screwed by this thugs.
I did watch CBS's coverage and they did do a good job. No speculating was heard. ABC's coverage was not too bad either.
I thought the MSM media coverage yesterday was over the top with speculation. Even Shep on Fox was trying to tie the attacks to "right wing" or "Tea Party" type. Absolutely disgusting. Most accurate reports appeared to be coming from some Twitter friends out in Boston area. Folks like Bergin at CNN and Mathews at MSNBC should not have jobs this morning. Sick of this Media outlets.
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