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City is not as important as winning back the base. So much of the party base is so disgusted with the Republican leadership right now. Time for the party to get back to conservative values and govern based on Constitutional principles. Stand up for liberty and freedom and the base and independants will gravitate to a "true" alternative to the Dems.
As I understand it, any Federal Employee must testify regarding matters of their employment. She is not allowed to use the Fifth due to her employment contract. If she fails to testify, she is to be terminated and could face contempt of Congress charges.
Agreed that Barber is not a significant issue. However, the systemic NAACP racism and the lack of the media calling them out for it is an issue that needs to be pointed out when ever possible. This race-baiting organization needs to exposed for the fraud that they are.
Why does the NAACP keep putting these self ordained Black Pastors who preach Black liberation theology (hate) instead of the gospel as leaders. The "Reverand" Barber, Jackson, Sharpton and the like are not men of God, but political race baiters.
In standard wishy-washy O'Reily fashion, he was out this morning defending Obama as basically a "nice guy" who is not deliberately destroying America like the "right-winger" accuse him of. O'Reily is a disgrace. Only interested in brownie points and ratings.
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

TRayMN Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 3:09 PM
Maybe a good man, but GOP would me making huge mistake in nominating another Bush. Especially, one that embraces Common Core, Amnesty, etc.
Rep. Jaqkson Lee. Hard to call it "transitional" when for many it has been a birth to grave mode of support for 3 generations.
Hey Piers, so it's ok to publish books explaning how to recruit kids if you're a pedophile, or mags like Hustler due to "free speech", but you want to ban free speech when the speech is a paraphrase of the gospel. Can't pick and choose when it applies. Makes YOU the bigot.
No Barbara, He is more like the "Anti-Christ",
Hell, Ryan and Boehner agreed and pushed this mess. They're not going to fix. They need to be sent home.
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