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Like Searcher said below, Obama caused this with his DREAM Amnesty. There is absolutely no other plausible cause for the number to go from 7k per year to 60k per year in only 3 years. Look at the real world results of Amnesty everyone! Tell your Representatives that you know this will happen for the adult illegals if they pass the Senate Amnesty bill. The only thing stopping them from feeding at the trough of Addelson and the Chamber of Commerce.
Something caused the number to go from 6 to 7 thousand a year in 08 - 11 to a projected 60 thousand in 14. If you think it was anything else besides Obama's DREAM Amnesty, I would like to hear it. If anyone thinks this exact same wave of illegal adults won't happen if they pass the Senate Amnesty Bill, they are seriously delusional.
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TrapperW Wrote: May 29, 2014 6:03 AM
If it is watered correctly, it will live again.
Dyadd, Since the book was written about Europe's inequality, that is what I was referring to with the war casualties and they were immense for the Europeans. If you want to look at the American labor market, it was the Immigration Act of 1924 that tightened America's labor market. Inequality declined steadily from then until after the 1965 Act opened up mass immigration again. This steady decline of inequality happened through the Depression and the post war boom so it wasn't the economy that was causing it.
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