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of course you allow trailer trash to post here - otherwise you would not have anyone on clownhall
Have a winter home in Scottsdale - right on the golf course. How's that trailer working out for you?
Everytime you eat something - or drink something - you will be left to wonder if you are helping to pay for my winter home in Scottsdale - or for the benefits for my employees (Teamsters). Start eating the grass outside of your trailer - otherwise you will be paying for those Teamsters benefits (and I am sure they make 10 times what you do).
the standards on this "blog" are getting lower by the day. you are now down to trailer trash - getting a few extra bucks - from clownhall.
normally, I would not waste my time responding to you. Never claimed that our company is involved in the health care industry - food industry is more like it. No - do not have as much money as romney - don't want it. Also, what we do have, we keep in the U.S. - we do not ship our money overseas to the Cayman Islands or to Swiss bank accounts. WE KEEP OUR MONEY IN THE U.S. to support the citizens of the U.S. You make me sick t!tt
clarity you are one pathetic "human being" but I think that calling you human is a stretch
So - you admit that Romney was a rich, spoiled pr!@k that bullied others. I would look back at that (if it were me) with humiliation, disgrace and guilt. I would certainly "not remember it" You - and your nominee are a disgrace.
So all of a sudden - you are all behind Romney! And - defending Bain Capital - while most of you CLAIM to detest vulture capitalists and Wall Street. Remember? You rescued them with your "hard-earned" tax dollars. Why is it okay for Romney to sell off U.S. companies, lay off thousand of employees and then ship his billions overseas? And then you condemn President Obama for making a million from selling his books? You are a bunch of losers
But you a-h@les seem to care about what President Obama did when he was in elementary school, what he ate, where he want to church, etc. I DO CARE that some spoiled, rich pr!@k bullied classmates - and then can't remember doing it. Hypocrites
5 Mentarios wrote: 4" Neocon harddons are sprouting up all over this mall-infested country ______________________ Hey JRG3 This is an great post - my first belly laugh of the year. And soooooo true. Thanks 5
What did I tell you? Cannot reason with someone who has no sense of reasoning. Do you really want to associate yourself with an animal named "not-sybil?"
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