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Day 2 Of MSM Mormon Bashing

trampling out the vintage Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 6:51 PM
There is no proof of polygamy prior to Brigham Young. All accounts of this are given by individuals that were at odds with the LDS Church or Joseph Smith. If you believe that crap, then Obama is the anti-Christ.

Yesterday it was CNN's Kyra "White Guilt" Phillips telling us without any cited sources that Mormons believe marrying interracially is like an "uneducated person marrying a Ph.D."

Now we got MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell talking about Romney's "religion problem" and then goes on to tell us how the religion was "invented."

We can expect the MSM to fine tune their technique as to how they will present Romney's "religion problem" in the most nuanced way while causing the greatest amount of damage--all while claiming they are not attacking Romney's religion, of course.