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Obama's Dangerous Weakness

traitorbill Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 9:40 AM
his AG calls us "a nation of cowards" on race. tells us that, if he had a son "he would look like Travon," rather than calling for calm and expressing faith in the judicial system. his administration did nothing when the Black Panthers put a bounty on Zimmerman. Race is one area where Obama's words and actions are very much in line with each other.
President Obama's weakness in foreign policy is a contributor to the events of the last several days in the Middle East. Though he gave the order to take out bin Laden (who wouldn't?), and though he attacks suspected terrorists with drones, this president has nevertheless conveyed to the world that he believes in a diminished world role for the United States.

He believes in a more modest United States -- remember those bows -- because he comes from an intellectual tradition that is hostile to American power. His pastor and mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, expressed a common leftist view...