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Dodd-Frank is an Unconstitutional Disaster

traitorbill Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 3:46 PM
Obamacare, Dodd Frank, Kelo, gun grabs. I see a future with a lot less individual freedom, and a lot more government power. Those "negative liberties" of the constitution are just intolerable.

In his first term, President Obama passed two of the most sweeping expansions of federal power in history. The first, his federal takeover of the health care system, narrowly survived at the Supreme Court thanks to the refashioning of its mandate into a tax by Chief Justice John Roberts. The second , his federal takeover of the financial system, may not fare as well.

That law, Dodd-Frank, is being challenged in State National Bank of Big Spring v. Geithner. The lead plaintiff is a community bank that has had several of its business lines shut down by Dodd-Frank....