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Republicans to the base: You'll support the parasites, and you'll like it.
If these are the kind of people we're going to elect, why bother voting? Do Republicans think saying, "Me to!" on Obamacare is a winning hand? Why not just switch parties so conservative can vote for the Tea Party?
A couple more months of conservative rhetoric will be followed by two more years of Republican liberalism. We need courage. We got cowards. We're toast.
Parasites rule!
A small price to pay for Democrats keeping the parasites voting the right way. Those who are least governed are best governed. Jefferson With the government in charge of healthcare, it will have tremendous power to regulate our behavior, thus setting the stage for a revolution.
Politics trumps courage every time.
Republicans are letting Democrats put lip stick on a pig, and call it beautiful.
And we wonder why Obama never pays a price for his scandals.
Republicans will never defeat Democrats by promising less. Why don't Republicans just say, "Obamacare is great. We want more of it." Promise the parasites even more than the Democrats do.
In Arkansas, the rate of people without health insurance fell from 22.5 percent in 2013 to 12.4 percent in mid-2014,” according to Bloomberg. Republicans think the way to get re elected is to keep the parasites happy. They're spineless cowards.
“the rate of uninsured people has dropped in all except five states. At what cost, fool?
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