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Thy are in the middle-of Marxism.
She can rent it to Cassidy, or stay in it after she gets a lobbyist job. Louisiana is beneath her by now, much like Arkansas is to Hillary.
Watching landrieu grow makes me wonder if lying is fattening.
She cast the deciding vote for Obamacare. Is that middle of the road?
Did the paper describe the Louisiana purchase or her use of taxpayer dollars to fund her private travel as a middle of the road?
Nor can wisdom cure an uncontrolled appetite.
Apparently there are states in which the 47% has topped the 50% mark.
Obama turned out to be more styrofoam, and less Greek Column.
If Obama was up in a tree with a bird, Obama's title would be assistant branch manager.
I saw it. And it was pretty much a black crowd leaving.
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