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I guess it will suddenly no longer matter to liberals what the court says.
But, high as those stakes are, the principle of legislative supremacy is higher still...Congress is supreme in matters of policy...our duty when interpreting a statue is to determine the meaning of the words of the statue duly enacted through the formal legislative process. I taught constitutional law for 10 years at the University of Chicago. Your next president will actually believe in the constitution, which you can't say about your current president. Obama, 2008 One would think that a law professor would understand the meanings of words.
it simply decreed it to be so. From deemed to decree to legal death.
a strong case can be made that this passage of the law was very much crafted intentionally, Since when did the intent of the law matter to our constitutional scholar, POTUS?
Obama will have to argue that it all comes down to the definition of state. Clinton asked what the definition of is, is. And now Obama has to do the same thing with the word state. Democrats always have to test the limits of the semantic deconstruction of reality, which should be very instructive.
This is the good news. The bad news is that he will now have to turn to foreign policy for his legacy.
Freedom of speech and association aren't inalienable rights in Obamaville. Government waivers are required.
Clinton had Hubble and Reno. Obama has Holder. As I am fond of saying, Democrats are lawless liars.
Haven't you gotten the memo? A couple of "low level rogue agents" in the Cincinnati office did it on their own. They are really huge fans of Obama.
They would need some perjury traps for her before even considering granting her immunity. The biitch had been abusing government power since at least the mid 90s.
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