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China "Fully Prepared for Currency War" Says China's Central Bank Deputy Governor

traitorbill Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 1:38 PM
China is "fully prepared" to go to war with us. In fact, it already is at war with us. It attacks and damages our satellites with lasers. It engages in a relentless cyber war against us. It supplied terrorists fighting us in Iraq and Afghanistan with weapons. It helps our enemies acquire WMD. A Pentagon report fingered China as a perpetrator of "economic terrorism" against us, which contributed to our 2008 economic crisis. Chinese generals have threatened to nuke LA and have said that war with the U.S. is "inevitable." They seem to know we are the enemy. Why don't we know that they are our enemy? Could it be, as Hillary has said, that "It is difficult acting toughly with your banker?" Yet another looming disaster resulting from
Wumingren Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 3:39 PM
Can it be that one reason why Obama has limited our ability to access and use our own natural resources, especially coal and oil, is because he has put them up as collateral to back further loans from China? Perhaps that inevitable war with China will have something to do with our eviction.
traitorbill Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 1:38 PM
Obama's 16 trillion dollar debt.

Given the world's central bankers are already in a currency war, a policy statement made by a deputy-governor of China's central bank should not come as a surprise (except for the fact it was publicly and bluntly stated).

Please consider China well-prepared for currency war: official.

China is fully prepared for a looming currency war should it, though "avoidable," really happen, said China's central bank deputy governor Yi Gang late Friday.

A currency war could be avoided, Yi said, if policymakers in major countries observed the consensus, reached at the recent G20...