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Do you have a Y-chromosome? Yes? Use the men's room. No? Use the ladies' room. Problem solved. Oh you don't like that. Here is the card for the department shrink.
The one and only one question that needs to be asked: did he knowingly and willingly bring the gun on to school property? If the answer is NO, then this is as black and white as the school and sheriff think their case is. Send the boy home with an apology, his gun, his diploma, and any money he may have lost because college he had been accepted to dropped him like a hot potato over this.
Young Mr Withrow has a right to a speedy trial. If the facts are as simple as they appear, no one is served by a late trial except a heavy handed prosecutor now wishing to avoid embarrassment. He should demand an immediate trial. It should be no problem because if the prosecutor has enough facts to charge Cole, he should be ready to present those facts to a jury of Coles peers (18-25 year olds who have been unfairly harass by the police ... easy to find 12 of them) and have them judge them.
I am pounded over the head day after day after day by The Matrix that "It's ok to be gay. It doesn't matter if someone is gay, their just like anyone else, do the same thing eveyone else does, work like everyone else, eat, drink, worry etc like everyone else." So if he is just like everyone else, why in the world should I care that a middle of the pack basketballer who has been playing the game for 15 years already, not having to prove himself at this point in his career ... the twilight in fact ... tells us all that he is gay. I have been sufficiently numbed that I really couldn't care less.
Embryonic stem cell research is another "story stock". Research into it has been going on as long as adult stem cell research but has yielded none, as in zero, of the promised cures. No "get up and walk Christopher Reeve". No cure for Parkinsons or Alzheimers. No cure for cancer. The clue that there will be no such cure is that no company is spending much of their own money on it, they are all demanding money from We the People while making grand promises.
Not incendiary. No trigger. Not a bomb. But, six felony counts of being a bomb maker. Come court day, the SA's office reduced the charges to the equivalent of having a firecracker (not legal in our state for minors). Then the arresting officer didn't show up for the juvenile hearing. (Probably told to not show) thus saving the SA face.
Can't let the sword rust in the scabbard. Experienced that concept first hand. My idiot son went to an indoor sporting event and went outside on a rainy cold late spring night and set of a "Werks Bomb" out int he soccer field. A Werks Bomb is a plastic water bottle with a household cleaning agent and s strip of aluminum foil. Cap the bottle. A chemical reaction occurs. The bottle expends for about 20 to 30 seconds and pops like a balloon only much louder. You will not put an eye out, lose a finger, or any of the other things you see on the facebook. The local cops rolled out the bomb squad and charged my son with six counts of manufacturing and transporting an incendiary device. Hint -- no fire.
Wasn't it Janet Reno (she of the Janet Reno Dance Party fame) who classified home schoolers and anyone who went to church more than twice a month as potential domestic terrorists?
Well when you pt it that way ....
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Sentences for Teaching Sentences

tq Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 8:00 AM
I do believe you are satirically impaired. Or perhaps simply a humorless member of the teachers' unions.
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Ban This! Ban That! Ban This and That!

tq Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 8:09 AM
If a woman charges a man for sex she is a prostitute and that is illegal. But if the same woman is paid to have sex with the same man and she is filmed doing it and the result is a pornographic movie, that is protected first amendment expression. Legal.
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