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The media will take his money every time, I just hope the people continue to show him his money will not run our lives.
Not to worry with each cut they take each year soon they'll qualify for a free handout program. Oh wait those programs might run out of money since their still getting it from retired taxpayers. There are no free lunches someone must pay for them including your retirement package.
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The American Flag: 'A Threat'?

tps12 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 8:48 AM
If you feel threatened by the Flag of this Country it's your choice to go to a Country where you don't feel threatened by their Flag. Mine and many others Fathers have fought for our Freedom and the American Flag and I will display it proudly.
How long before we hear "What difference does it make"
It appears they no longer want debate, it's my way or the highway. After graduation they will find the real world very challenging.
Well the taxpayers have decided maybe you will get you pension when your gone!
This is where the repub party is in trouble, a lot of us TP people are repubs. So when you make this statement you tell us you don't care what we think. Talk about killing your own party.
he lies fellow dems and the main stream media carry his message as if it's all true.
Still not taking accountability also still not telling the families why they allowed their loved ones to go undefended.
Won't be covered my the main stream media.
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