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Politics Versus Education

tporter Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 4:38 PM
Why do private, charter, home, and public schools work (when they do)? It is because the parents of the students in them value education!! When will we get back to realizing that a good education requires work and parents have to expect their children to work - behave, pay attention, go to school, do their work and homework, study, read, memorize, CARE if they get educated? That is what the student has to do. When students and parents value an education and want to get one, they usually do. Teachers can't do any of that for them. Teachers can't force a student to get an education. Parents and students have to want one and WORK to get it. If there are too many who don't care, it makes it hard for learning to occur, hard, not impossible. We have to go back to valuing a good education and hard work and realize a good education is hard work. Also read
I keep thinking of Martin Luther King Jr.and wonder where is the outrage there? He was a reverend and had a christian message. He was a real person who made a significant difference. We celebrate his birthday with a national holiday. All of that is the same about Jesus. (Of course Christians believe much more about Him.) All of that is fact. Whether a person believes the religious message too is up to them. Hope all had a Merry Christmas!
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Romney Was Right

tporter Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 2:25 PM
I hope that American voters will wake up that substance and experince matters, not just smooth-talking, camera-friendly, charismatic "cool." Some of us learned that in high school popularity elections, but clearly many are still there in their thinking skills. Many of the 18-28 year-olds are starting to get it now. Now we are a year late and trillions short.
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Ryan Saves GOP From Itself

tporter Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 11:17 PM
There is so much more right with this deal than is wrong so the Senate Republicans need to find a voice to accept it and pass it. I agree that the Republican Senators against this need a reality and hypocrisy check. The reality is the deal has to be something that will pass the Senate! This should pass unless Reid figures out that this helps the Republicans. The hypocrisy is that the senators are usually the ones who say there should be more compromise than the hardline of the House. What we see is some egos and all these Republicans - House and Senate, need the Reagan Rule. "Take your differences behind closed doors and come out together in the news." Wake up! 2014 senate wins are what matter now!
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A Challenge to Our Beliefs

tporter Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 2:08 PM
I have been teaching for 34 years. In my experience it doesn't matter what the income and or race and or family situation are for a student. What matters is if a person who is significant to that student values a good education and expects the student to do their very best to get a good education. That is why private schools, public schools, home schools, and charter schools work. The kids had someone care about their education enough to stress the importance and expect the student to do well. When that happens the student will get a good education. We have to stop pointed at teachers and all adults have to influence kids to do their best and to value an education. It is their education and those who want one, will get one. It is free for the taking. As long they believe it doesn't matter, they won't.
The Republicans need to point this out over and over and over and over that the DEMOCRATS in the Senate need to act. Last time I checked there were more senators than one, Reid. They all need to go on the record by voting on those CRs. If the House Republicans would get out and all tell the same story about ALL the resolutions to fund the government thay have passed that the DEMS in the Senate haven't even voted on. The public needs to hear a story besides the lies Obama is saying from his bully pulpit, but the Republicans have to be saying it clearly and often. The DEMS in the Senate have to be held accountable in the next election. Without a vote, Reid is protecting them and his position and nothing will change. The DEMS in the Senate need to be the target, not Obama.
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