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Back to Plan A

tporter Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 3:25 PM
The Republicans need pass a bill NOW that makes the ALL the Bush cuts permanent for everyone. Make the Dems vote on it! If they won't pass it, the cliff is on them! The argument is that the Dems are holding everyone hostage to penalize a few. Then have all the House Republicans release news releases announcing that they have acted on behalf of All Americans including the job makers. Remind everyone that 4.5% on $500,000 is a job for someone! Do we trust the businessman or the government with that money for jobs!! (Start winning the messaging.)
tporter Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 3:25 PM
THEN pass a bill to cut all the programs/departments/agencies/line items where the GAO has identified waste and fraud in the last two years by those amounts. If they have enough money to waste they have too much. That is $300+billion in cuts per year not over 10! Who doesn't want to cut waste? The President wants specifics? Give him the GAO list.

There is not a majority in the House of Representatives to support a tax plan that would raise taxes on any taxpayers – not even the much-maligned “millionaires and billionaires.” But that does not mean the House has acquiesced to the automatic tax hikes on every taxpayer slated for January 1. In stark contrast to the failure of “Plan B,” the House already succeeded in passing its “Plan A” back in August: H.R. 8. That bill would extend all current tax rates for one year, while committing to comprehensive tax reform in 2013. It passed the House on a rock solid...