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Rice is an ignorant, partisan, lying strumpet ... period
Maybe the restaurant should change its name to ... "Hi-Jack in the Box." They just declared themselves to be an easy target ... and thieves like easy.
OFF with their HEADS!
Obama Care has screwed the bejesus out of our youth. I wonder how our youth, who are ambitious enough to strive for success, will be able to handle carrying Obama's "ride on the back's of the working class" programs. The DNC has turned to the dark side. They are the party of socialism. They are all about "buying" the votes of underachievers. They care nothing about the kind of people who made this country great. When you vote, in November, if the candidate has a "D" in front of their name ... just say NO.
The main stream media has gone from pro left to an absolute arm of progressive politicians / doctrine. They no longer report the news. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are now, officially "media sluts."
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Another Company Abandons California

TPM50 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 4:21 AM
The only way these liberal "tax the rich" to "buy the poor's votes" states will learn, is when companies and their personnel say "up yours" and move to a more tax and business friendly state / venue. Bravo, Toyota. May many more over regulated companies and over taxed citizens follow ...
We have the DNC inspired NEA and teacher's union's to thank for this. If Moochelle was speaking at one of my kid's graduations ... we'd be someplace ... anyplace else.
Do everyday citizens need protection? You've all heard the saying, "when seconds count, the police are just minutes away." Is NYC dangerous? When Bloomberg was mayor, he surrounded himself with armed security. Now that he's just an everyday citizen of NYC, what did he do? ... He hired a bunch of NYC cops to serve as his personal armed bodyguards. He clearly feels the need to be protected. So WHY does he want you to be unprotected? Is he more important than you and your family? He clearly thinks so. Screw Bloomturd and the ruling elite, who want one set of laws for themselves and something much less for the rest of us.
I think most of the graduates and their parents wanted Moochelle to come back and address an empty stadium, a week after graduation.
This broad was an urban terrorist. Her group bombed buildings and people died. She should still be in prison and, as a felon, she should NEVER be considered for a judge position. Why are Ayers and Dohrn heroes, while Timothy McVey is considered a despicable terrorist? They both committed the same crime.
Liberals aren't Progressives, they are Oppressives Though many just refer to them as ... Fascist SOBs
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