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MSNBC's Chris Hayes is an idiot. Maybe his mom left him in a hot car, when he was young, and it baked his brain. I'll bet he rides the short bus, to work ...
If you think the 2 North Korean diplomats were mad about how Kim Jong Dumb's poster was being used in the barbershop ... wait till thy see the one in the proctologist's office
I think his 30% approval rating, per this poll, is bogus as well. I think it should be lower. What did they do ... ask his wife 10 times?
Dems are adamant about protecting kids from cigarette alternatives ... unless we're talking about marijuana ... they're "all in" on grass. A bit inconsistent, don't you think?
Just what we need ... MORE Regulation.
Obama has a pen and a cell phone. He can (and lately has been) doing anything he wants. If he didn't "fix" this mistreatment of women on his staff ... it is ALL his FAULT
The Obama administration, and by extension the DNC, want more than ads censored. They want all of the newsworthy horror stories about Obama Care BURIED, so they don't damage DNC candidates, heading into the 2014 elections.
Cuomo is a smug sack of schit. When he says people who aren't of his political leaning aren't welcome in New York ... who in the hell does he think he is? He's going to run a bunch of the job creators and tax payers out of New York. When that happens, where will the money come from, for his vote buying politics?
You mean Obama is making these horrible choices for no good reason at all? Here's something I've learned. When Carney's lips are moving ... he's lying. Did Obama really just hire a non Spanish speaking "donor" who has never been to Argentina, because he thought they were best qualified? Please ... Obama is all about pork chop politics. You do for him ... he does for you.
The DNC wants to delay the disastrous impact of Obama Care, until after the Nov 2014 elections. If they don't, they lose their hold on the Senate.
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