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The only jobs Hillary ever created were for undertakers in Benghazi ... the result of her refusing to protect American lives. But, hey ... what difference does it make?
Looks like Fox News' Megan Kelly and her staff got to the Muslim terrorist's Facebook postings before Obama and his DOJ could scrub the Islamic extremist posts. In any event, there's no way that our Muslim in Chief will ever acknowledge that this was an act of terror by a Muslim. He' been aiding and abetting Islamic extremists for the past 6 years. To me, he's a traitor.
As noted before ... This FBI Director has Obama's "johnson" in his mouth. He's a traitor to our country. F him ...
Nah, they only publish the names of people with concealed carry permits.
Bathhouse Barry writes executive orders for everything else. He could write one to have Americans who have converted to ISIS disqualified as citizens, if he wanted. BUT, in case you haven't noticed, Obama likes Islamic extremists. He's been funding them and giving them political cover, for 6 years.
Grimes is just another lying democrat, who will do or say anything to get elected, then give 100% support to the DNC's progressive agenda ... which includes putting coal mining operations and coal fired utilities OUT OF BUSINESS.
Funny article. Guessing what religion the kid will embrace - Christianity or Judaism. If you study the grandparents on both sides, you find that neither family has close ties to any religion. They are as amoral as they come. They worship power and money and will do ANYTHING to get it and keep it.
Our leaders (the DNC) know the enemy. They ARE the enemy. They have consistently provided support and cover for Islamic countries and Islamic extremists.
Without border security, there is NO Homeland Security
Rice is an ignorant, partisan, lying strumpet ... period
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