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Thanks Alvin. Isn't it fun to beat up lefties with the truth and their own sordid history to use against them.
So, Obozo steals $716 billion from the people who paid into it for a lifetime for their health care and gives is to dependent future Democratic voters, i.e., Deadbeats, illegal immigrants, disability scammers. In other words he gives it to people who never paid in, but will get stuff for free and will vote Dumbocrat in perpetuity.
Your and idiot. The Iranians knew they had to give back the hostages or face action, unlike failed action from Jimmy Carters miserable leadership.
Jimmy Carter started the community reinvestment act, which was the earliest pre-cursor to the failure of the housing industry and all the shenanigans of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.
UseYourHead2012=BrainDead : As most students of history know, Racism is the south reemerged when Woodrow Wilson (Dem.) premeired Birth of a Nation at the White House. This also sparked the reemergence of the KKK, which had effectively been destroyed by Grant (Repub) with the Klan Act of 1871. Wilson's embrace of eugenics and tacit approval of birth of a nation, led to a revival of the Klan by the Georgia Democratic party. In fact, it is fair to say that the KKK was the terrorist arm of the democratic party. It did not end with with Wilson either. Harding and Coolidge were members of the Klan. Roosevelt appointed a Klansmen to the Supreme Court (Hugo Black). In short, racism has long been a strong suit of the Dem Party.
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