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As an Angeleno, I will testify otherwise. San Francisco, liberalist of cities is doing just fine. Austin is thriving. Liberal university college towns are fine. So is the east coast corridor. The rust belt? Not so much, though. Sorry, it's just not true.
haha, libertarians are the amway and jehova's witnesses of politics. Always trying to convert us. I am a social liberal, so I will never, ever agree with your fiscal policy. What unites us is anti war, and individual freedoms other than these nanny state laws popping up that I loathe. Rand is anti marriage equality and anti-choice, he's a zealot, but far better than establishment GOP. He may or may not be on my short list in '16. Also, against the fricking CRA? Ugh. I can't even go there.
LInks? world net daily not applicable. Sorry. Or were you talking about the IRS scandal, which did unfairly target conservative groups, but the bulk of them were asking for tax exempt status, already a red flag. Liberal groups were targeted, too.
I'm liberal as h#ll and I salute rand paul!
Religious law has no basis in civil law, period. Should jews try and ban pork for everyone because it's against their religion. This country was founded by deists, nice try. Of course people use their belief systems to make choices in government, we only ask you don't reference jesus, zeus, mohammed, joseph smith, etc in doing so. We prefer civil law with rationality. And that includes any republican ideas, like fiscal policy. Fine, we just disagree. But I will not allow theocrats to run roughshod over the constitution.
Excellent point, exposing conservative hypocrisy.
I respect you guys, and we share common ground, but I am a social liberal at heart. I like your social 'hands off policy', but I disagree with your fiscal issues. HOWEVER I am hugely anti-war, and this spying nonsense is is making me think twice about voting for someone other than a libertarian, so these have become my biggest issues. We shall see. Also, I'm totally pro-pot. Who am I to tell people what they can do with their own bodies? It's less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and is considered safe by most medical doctors.
Not as much. Most of the conservative groups were asking for tax exempt status, which is already a red flag. And considered how political these 'think tanks' are... Liberal groups were also targeted. I agree Holder must go.
Rand is not a libertarian. He's far better than establishment GOP but he interjects his personal religion- not a libertarian idea at all. He's against marriage equality, I think even by states' rights due to his thinking his religion can dictate civil law. He's also anti-choice, as his is father, an issue the vast majority of libertarians are for.
No true scotsman fallacy, eh? He's an R. Own it.
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