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Hamas is an idea. You cannot destroy an idea. You can replace it with a better idea. That 'better idea' is that Israel should live in peace or at least not under direct attack. That idea has been rejected. So this is a fight to the knife. Israel needs to mount a massive ad campaign explaing to the world that they are fighting for trheir life and will stop when their attackers do. Then you declare the entire Gaza Strip a fee fire zone. Any humans in that zone will legally be combatants. Explain to the world that the next time Hamas fires a rocket into Israel, Israel will reduce Gaza to rubble. All of Gaza. Every building. So when it happens, the normal terrorist supporters that live in the west go on, they will be ignored.
"I know you don’t play nice with each other, but get over it. One website, not competing websites " And one ring to rule them all. This just proves you are NOT a conservative. Conseratives promote competation. Liberals discourage. Just another RINO. A liberal that believes in a balanced budget and conservative fiscal policy is a Clinton Democrat, NOT a conservative.
Yes, and Syria signed away it's sovereign riight to murder it's citizens or any other sates citizens with poison gas in 1925. http://www.un.org/disarmament/WMD/Bio/1925GenevaProtocol.shtml A treaty is LAW. As Blackstone pointed out; "The law does not go where enforcement cannot reach." If the UN allows Assad to go unpunished, the UN is condoning the use of poison gas. That means the UN has no reason to exist. If the USA fails in it's duty to punish Assad, then it will be the end of the rule of law established post WW2. We will return to the "Great Game" of the 18th and 19th century. Law of the jungle will rule international relationds. Only this time instead of a handful of European nations with cannons playing the great game, it will be almost 200 nations armed with WMD. My best guess is 2 Billion (with a B) dead. I argue that it is in the national interest of America to keep the current system intact. It is flawed but better then nothing.
Fear monger. America is an IDEA. Ideas cannot be destroyed, they can only be replaced by better ideas. What better idea is there then the supremacy of humans over government? "Of the People, By the People, For the People" is an idea that took root in this soil we call the United States. It has since spread to the 4 corners of the earth. If perchance it dies in this soil, it will live on elsewhere.
Another RINO. Another loser. Hill-de-Beast will be the Democratic party nominee in 2016. No MALE will beat her. The only chance for the GOP is Palin. The GOP establishment will not support Palin because she will put most of them in jail where they belong. (R), (D), Republican, Democrat is a distinction without a difference. Until the GOP offers a DIFFERENCE, they will have no chance at the White House. After losing consecutive Presidential elections to a weak candidate, you would think that the GOP would realise they cannot win without conservatives. Not fiscal conservatives who are actually Clinto Democrats, but real conservatives. That means God, Guns, and Gays. Economic theories come and go, They have nothing to do with conservatism.
Unless you are an aborted fetus. In that case you skip the life thingie and go straight to death. Do Not Pass Go..
NO. It is evil to compromise with evil. You do realize that the whole witchcraft thing was a smear, right? Rove stayed out of jail by throwing scooter to the wolves. The Man doesn't have a moral bone in his body. A perfect example of what is wrong with the GOP. I am an American, I put country before party. Rove and his ilk put themselves before either. That is why the GOP either must change or die. NO COMPROMISE. Fight to the last ditch and if we lose, burn down the Temple. I would rather see America destroyed then taken over by godless Communists.
Rove is NOT a conservative. He is a professional who supports whichever side pays him the most. His "principles" are in the wallet he sits on.
What it means to be a conservative has changed. The GOP hasn't changed to match. So conservatives no longer support the GOP. Voters choose the Dems over the Dem-lites. The difference is not as sharp on the local level. Voters know who they are voting for and can throw their support to conservative politicians. On the national level, the RNC and 'Rince and Dry' choose who to support. Voters make other choices. Until the GOP establishment dies off, there will be no more GOP Presidents. The GOP cannot win without conservatives. Losing twice should have taught them that lesson. Inserting 'Rince and Dry' as chairman of the RNC proves they haven't learned anything from their last two defeats. That means a 3rd defeat is inevitable.
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