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The Newtown Tragedy

toucan1953 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 3:36 AM
My son IS proud of the fact that I force each and every one of you cowards sitting at your safe and cozy little keyboards to face the fact that you are norhing more than lazy, angry, hateful sloths who feed on the anger, hatred and confusion of others. Twenty children died and none of you have the guts to talk about gun control. You are a pathetic bunch

As the mother of five-year-old twins in a small town not too far from New York city, yesterday's events in Newtown hit close to home -- literally and figuratively.  It's hard to imagine the depths of shock, sorrow and anguish rippling throughout our community in the wake of yesterday's hideous crime.

It is a terrible, terrible thing to be reminded, once again, of how powerful, how senseless and how ugly the face of evil can seem.  It is terrible even to have to acknowledge that such evil exists in the world.  But it does, and there's no use in...